Logo design and product label design

Logo and product label design

For "The Graces Beauty" - a new beauty product line from the Australian company Benson & Harley - I developed the logo and the product labels for a shampoo, conditioner and bodywash. The products have been launched on the Vietnamese market in 2022.

The client wanted to go with a classic coin design of the Three Graces which needed a simplification to be able to be printed in gold or silver hot foil technique and to be stamped on soap bars.

logo design vectorized
Vectorized logo design with two colors
Beauty Logo Design
Logo design for a beauty product line

Classic emblem style logo

The original coin design from 1817 had to be redrawn and simplified many times to get the most relevant lines out of it. After that I vectorized the drawing.

monochromatic logo design
The vectorized logo in one color
Logo detail
Detailed view of the revised logo design
Soap stamp logo
The logo with even more reduced lines and details for a soap stamp
The claim of the beauty product line
Original coin design
Original coin design from 1817
Trace logo
In order to work out the final lines and shapes of the logo, it had to be traced and greatly reduced

Label design for beauty products

To differentiate the products, the hair care products and the shower gel have different colors and background patterns. Depending on the top notes of the fragrance, I designed a different floral pattern that can be printed in gold or silver for the label background. The dark royal blue in combination with black and the silver/gold logo and text on the moisturizing shower gel bottle gives a luxurious appearance.

Also, the royal blue represents water/humidity. With the juicy, bold orange backdrop for the shampoo and conditioner bottles, I had argan oil and shea butter in mind to condition the hair.

These beauty products are introduced to the Vietnamese market, which has a thriving economy and a large, young population that is willing to spend more on beauty products.

logo design and label design
Bottle label design drafts
Label design with hotfoil print
Final bottle label designs


  • Logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Label design
  • Illustration
  • Vectorization
  • 3D Visualisation

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