Logo Design

Have a logo designed: What you need to know

  • Are you realigning your brand and planning a rebranding?
  • You have a start-up and would like to have a professional logo designed for it?
  • Your company is about to be restructured and you would like to renew your company logo?
  • Would you like to have a logo designed for a specific project or an association?
logo design for a conference
Logo with complementary colors for a conference
have a logo designed for postershop
Logo design for scientific poster template shop
logo for photographer
Logo for Photographer
have a logo designed
Logo for a beauty product line

Plan ahead when you have your logo designed

A customer had a cheap logo created in the start-up business phase, with the result that he got away with the cost of the logo cheaply, but later had to top it up again and again in the production of various printed matter: Because the logo was designed with 4 colors and it only looked good in 4 colors. It was not possible to stamp it or engrave it on promotional gifts.

That is why he often had to add to the production costs for multi-color printing or have the logo reworked, which caused new costs and reduced recognition.
With a logo professionally developed from the start, these costs can be avoided.

conference logo design
Logodesign for a conference
conference logo
Application example of a conference logo printed on buttons and invitations
logo design vehicle graphics
Logo as vehicle graphics
logo design on a glass door
Logo design for an investment consulting office

When designing a logo, think about the future direction of your business or brand.

Maybe your start-up is growing fast and you will soon need to have the logo embroidered on staff t-shirts. Maybe you also need printed USB sticks as a promotional gift at a trade fair or your logo should look good as a neon sign above the shop?

Your brand must therefore also look good in black and white, on a pen or on your company car.

A professional graphic designer can foresee these use cases and design your logo future-proof right from the start - thereby saving you high follow-up costs.

Companies can be distinguished at first glance by their logo. At best, it gives the customer a positive impression and an idea of what your company or brand stands for. Don't let a poorly designed logo spoil that first impression.

Logo design for occupational safety company
Logodesign in black and white

A professional logo development meets the following six criteria

  • The logo conveys the quality promise of your company/brand and arouses certain emotions in the viewer.
  • A professional logo is truly unique and serves as an identifier for your company or brand.
  • The logo is future-proof, works independently of the media, and does not need to be revised any time soon because it cannot be embroidered in one color on T-shirts, for example.
  • It is timelessly sustainable and will still make a good impression 20 years from now. The logo contributes to the long-term construction of your brand identity and does not follow short-term trends.
  • You will receive your logo design in all the necessary file formats, of course also as a vector graphic so that it can be used in large format (e.g. at trade fairs or for outdoor banners).
  • In addition, the design is delivered on time within a timeframe agreed with you beforehand.

Logo design process or how your new logo is designed

You will receive a tailor-made and beautiful logo design from me - a one-off - that transports your brand message and with which you can also identify.

1. Briefing

To ensure this, we conduct a briefing at the beginning of the project, in which, among other things, the following questions are discussed so that I have all the details of your project on screen when it comes to development:

  • Which characteristics and emotions should be associated with your logo?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What makes your project unique?
  • Are there already graphic elements that have been used before?
  • Do you have specific colors in mind that you associate with your products and services?
  • Where is the logo used? What possible uses are planned?


Pencil scribbles of a logo

2. Brainstorm

The next step in the design studio is brainstorming. Here we continue with pencil scribbles, so-called "roughs". All ideas - no matter how crazy they seem - are put on paper. From these, the two to three best ideas are selected, digitized and presented.

Developed logo design

3. Elaboration of drafts and corrections

You will receive about three drafts, of which your favorite will be further developed with variants up to the final logo design. In the end there is often not only one logo version, but also a version for light and dark backgrounds and the logo with different arrangement of the components - especially if it is a word/figurative mark.

Different design concepts of a logo

logo design variant
Logo design for yoga classes
Have a logo designed Variants
A logo design in different variants
have a logo created
A logo design in different variants
have a logo designed
Color variants

What files you get

You will receive your finished logo in all the required formats for screen and print, as a vector graphic, for spot color printing and in CMYK Euroscale – and on a USB stick if you wish.

And then: ready to start?

With the new logo design, your company or project will present itself professionally on the Internet and on a wide variety of printed matter.

Wealth management logo design
Wealth management logo design
Logo at reception
Logo at reception
Logo design on packaging
Logo design on a packaging
Logo design
Logo for a CMS on a brochure

Logo design costs

The cost of developing a memorable company logo is a process that can take days or weeks depending on the project. Logo design prices can vary widely. An agency can charge ~ five thousand, sometimes up to a hundred thousand euros, depending on its reputation and the size of the project.

But not all companies have to invest so much.
As an independent designer with over 20 years of experience, I am able to bring high level design and expertise to the same project that would cost more elsewhere. My design studio develops unique, well thought-out logos starting at €1,500 net.

What you get

  • A concise logo that clearly conveys your brand message
  • A logo you can identify with and be proud of
  • Two to three alternative designs, figurative or word mark
  • Your final logo design with all rights of use and in all necessary formats, also in high resolution and as vector graphics for printing

Rights of use and registration as a trademark or design

You receive all rights of use for a logo made by me.

According to the German DPMA, there must be no “absolute reasons for refusal” for entry in the trademark register. A registrable logo must be imaginative, not descriptive. It must be distinctive, as it is carefully checked whether similar entries have already been registered.

Law on the protection of trademarks and other marks (in German)

German Patent and Trademark Office: Information on design protection (in German)

Logo Design References