Foreign language typesetting of catalogues

Foreign-language typesetting

Foreign-language typesetting and setting the catalogues ready for print in Danish and French for the food manufacturer AGROBS® in Adobe InDesign.
Based on a translation table and the German version of the catalogue, I set the foreign language catalogues ready for the print shop as PDF file.

The PDF was also made available as an online version for the web.

foreign-language typesetting
Catalog title in Danish
catalogue typesetting
Typesetting to print of an 88-page product catalogue
product catalogue typesetting
Page with table of ingredients and product photos


  • Foreign-language typesetting
  • Setting for print
  • Desktop-Publishing

Would you like to have your catalogs and brochures printed reliably and accurately in a foreign language?
I would be happy to make you an offer for the foreign language typesetting of your printed product.


„We say thank you for everything! We were very happy with the typesetting of our brochures! She works extremely carefully, also checks for discrepancies in translations etc. herself and was always very quick. Thanks very much!“
L. Ruffmann, Marketing, AGROBS GmbH