Logo design and packaging design

Logo and packaging design

I was commissioned by Dachaaustralia Pty Ltd to develop a logo and packaging design for their Sanavista brand, which sells high quality dietary supplements in Vietnam. The soft round typography in the logo and the leaf shape of the logo symbolize health and well-being.

Packaging design for dietary supplements

Initially, the focus was on the redesign of the vitamin D capsules. The goal was to create a design that emphasizes the quality and effectiveness of the product while appealing to the target group in Vietnam. My solution was a modern design emphasized by a silver stripe on the packaging, evoking an immediate association with quality and effectiveness.

For the logo and the packaging design, I also created the illustrations and made 3D visualizations to optimally represent the product. The design was implemented on both types of packaging, a folding box and a can.


  • Logo
  • Packaging Design
  • Illustration
  • 3D visualization

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