Contao web design

Contao web design

I am a specialist for the open source CMS Contao, which is suitable for almost all website projects due to its expandability and ease of use.

The Content Management System (CMS) Contao makes it easy for you to manage your website. If you can get along with a text editor like Word, you will also find your way around Contao. Contao has many features that are needed to design and develop modern websites.

You can implement your own web designs with CSS, but there are also ready-made templates available for quick implementation of a website.

Contao Features

Popular CMS, search engine friendly code

Contao already outputs a very search engine friendly, lean and valid HTML code. It has been continuously developed since 2006 and is one of the most popular CMS systems in the German-speaking DACH region.
Take a look at the backend and frontend of the official
Online demo version of Contao

Standard functionality integrated by default

A form generator, calendar, news, newsletter, slider and comment function are already included in the basic version. These functions do not have to be installed separately with Contao.

Contao is easily expandable

There are numerous extensions for other functions that can also be installed to adapt Contao to your own needs. Multilingual websites, slide shows, news articles, small online shops or filters are easy to implement with Contao.

Clearly structured file management

The Contao backend is very clearly structured and website editors can quickly find their way around.
Images can be sorted and managed in the file manager in a folder structure that can be set up individually. This makes it easy to keep track of things when a website contains a lot of images, PDFs, and other media files.

A CMS based on Symfony

Contao is based on the PHP framework Symfony. With Symfony, a web developer has thousands of bundles at his disposal, which can be used without having to reinvent the wheel. This accelerates the development process and makes it more economical.


Contao has already been translated into many languages, so editors and translators can access and use the backend in their native language.

Contao is already translated into the following languages:
English, Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish

Other languages (partially translated)

User rights

In Contao, special user rights can be assigned to backend editors. On a website that has to be updated by several employees (editors), not every employee often needs full access.

So there can be e.g. users who are only allowed to edit a specific area of the website. Or others who are only allowed to upload pictures. The backend can be adjusted so that an editor who is only allowed to upload images cannot see all other areas of the backend. Many editors find this very relieving, since they are not visually "overwhelmed" by setting options.

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