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About almut-m.com

desk of a graphic designer and frontend developer

For over 15 years I have been working as a graphic designer and frontend developer for small to medium-sized companies and institutions that want to improve their visual appearance and successfully market their products and services via the Internet and in print media.

Almut Müller

I'm an easygoing & reliable person, have short-term response times and usually quite fixed implementation times and a good sense of what my customers want.

Customer Voices

Shortly after graduating as a graphic designer, I dared to take the step into self-employment. For a few years I worked as a freelancer for advertising agencies and my own clients in the print sector.

In the late 1990s I was so fascinated by the Internet that I invested many hours in HTML, CSS and Javascript to be able to develop websites. In fact, this is still the case today: you never stop learning and technology in this area is developing very quickly.

My working languages are German and English. I have lived and worked in Switzerland, Scotland and the Netherlands for a number of years.  I love my job because it combines design and technology and I look forward to every new web design, print or "both" project, that I can turn into a success for my clients.

Just email me what ideas you have for your project.
And don't worry: the request is non-binding.