Machinery product catalogue design

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S. Gerber

"Ms. Müller has graphically implemented attractive teaching materials for our publishing house. She supported us actively, uncomplicatedly and professionally with her skills and knowledge and thus made a significant contribution to the successful appearance of the teaching materials. We were satisfied with Ms. Müller's work in every respect. Her lifeblood and commitment to the cause were noticeable at all times."
Sonja Gerber, Manager at publishing house manuell

Machinery product catalogue design

The brochure was designed for a booth in  DIN A4. It is designed with a clear and simple layout which shows the machines and its features.

product catalogue design
Title design with machinery program
inner pages machine brochure
Inner pages with machine explosion drawing
inner pages machine catalogue
Inner pages with table
brochure big tables
Brochure with big tables

It was a special creative challenge to arrange the extensive table content of the product catalogue in a manner that it still can be read easily. The product catalogue is also available for download on the client's website as PDF.

Printing: Digital printing on matt 135g paper, cover 250g paper.

See also the website I have designed for this client.

Brochure design for another product line

Matched with the branding of the MIXOMAT catalog, I designed this brochure for another product line from FUCHS Maschinen AG.
The brand color for the disc mill program of the company is an intense orange, which runs through all forms of presentation from brochure design to web site.

machinery brochure
Brochure for disk mills
machine brochure
Brochure pages with tables and product description
brochure design products
Table design: Product description of milling discs
brochure design mechanical engineering
Pages with dimensions and information about other products with QR code
brochure design
Cover design

Brochure design for drum accessories

Based on the corporate design of FUCHS Maschinen AG, I also designed and set the drum accessories brochures in German, English and French.

brochure design
Brochure for drum accessories
brochure designer
Drum accessories brochure for engineering company
broschures design
Cover and backside


  • Design/Layout
  • Setting for print
  • Providing PDF files for the client's website

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