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T. Gorenflo

"Our satisfaction is also reflected in the fact that we have already had a second website realised by Mrs. Muller. Even outside of our business interests, I can recommend Mrs. Mueller in all good conscience."
Tim Gorenflo, Home for the elderly "St. Laurentius"

Logo design

logo design for beauty products
Logo design for a beauty product line
poster template shop logo
Logo design for a scientific poster template shop
conference logo design
Application examples of a conference logo: buttons and invitations.
unique logo design
Logo with complementary colors
compagny sign logo
Logo stamped as a company sign, noble metal
logo silver
Logo design spot color silver
recognizable logo designed
Timeless logo printed on a cup

Plan ahead

One of my customers got himself a cheap logo designed by an online service with the result that he had saved a lot of money for the logo design, but later on he had to pay a lot more for printing. The logo was created in 4 colors and it looked good only in 4-colors.

His business grew fast and soon he had several employees. He often needed new business cards and other printed materials, which led to high printing costs due to the poorly designed logo.

That's why you should consider the future orientation of your company in time before you get your logo designed.

Maybe your business is growing fast and you need your logo printed on corporate t-shirts soon. You might also need promotional pens or USB sticks with your company logo printed on for a conference or a fair.

That's why your brand should look good in black and white, on a pencil or on your company vehicle.

A professional graphic designer will pay close attention to this applications and design your logo future-proof. This will save you high follow-up costs in the future.

"A company distinguishes itself from competitors by its logo. The logo conveys a positive first impression and leaves the customer with an idea about what your brand stands for. Do not let this first impression be ruined with a poorly designed logo."

logo design company
Logo design for an occupational health and safety company
occupational health logo design
This logo works in black and white

Here are the 6 qualities of a professional logo design:

  • The logo clearly conveys your brand promise.
  • A professional logo is unique.
  • The design is reproducible across all media and doesn't need modifications, because it couldn't be embroidered 1-colored on corporate apparel.
  • The logo design is timeless an will still be effective in 20 years time. It will help you to build up a lasting brand identity.
  • You will get your logo in all necessary file formats for print and web, also in vector format to be able to scale it up to large print formats (e.g. for fairs or outdoor banners), in CMYK and in spot colors.
  • The logo design is delivered within an agreed timeframe.

logo design idea
Early scribbles of a logo design idea
elaborated logo design
Final logo design.

Developing drafts and corrections

You will get 2-3 drafts, from which your favorite will be developed further to a final logo design.
Several correction phases might be necessary, which are included n the price. But in more than 15 years' experience as graphic designer it never took more than 3 correction phases for the customer to decide on the final logo.

Of course, you'll receive your logo in all necessary file formats for web and print, as vector format and in Euroscale (cmyk) and spot colors - if you wish, on a CD or USB stick.

Ready to start your business?

Equipped with the new logo you can start to proudly present your project or company professionally online and on all print matters.


logo asset management
A logo design for an asset management.
logo at reception
Logo at the reception
logo vehicle graphics
Logo on vehicle
logo design yoga
Logo for yoga courses

Logo design cost

Developing a lasting and memorable company logo is a process which may take days or - depending on the project - even weeks. My clients want a designer to understand their business' philosophy and to create a design that communicates their philosophy.

I create unique, well-conceived and lasting logo designs starting from € 1.200 net.

Just send me an email. I'm happy to make an offer for your specific requirements.

What will you get?

  • A unique logo design which clearly communicates your brand promise
  • A logo which you can identify yourself with and be proud of
  • Two to three alternative drafts (not just different variants)
  • You will get the final logo in all necessary file formats, in high resolution, as vector format for print and web (and if you wish so on USB stick)
  • A binding project schedule for development and logo design completion
  • All usage rights

You'd like your company logo be designed by a professional who understands your business and your marketing message? Please don't hesitate and ask for a non-binding and completely free quotation:

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Usage rights and registrability as a trade mark

You'll obtain all usage rights for a logo designed by me.

If you wish to register an international trade mark you can use the "Madrid system". It is a cost-effective solution for registering and managing trade marks worldwide.

To be registrable, your logo should be distinctive but not descriptive. It will be checked whether other trade marks like yours are already registered.

You can use the global trade mark database to check, whether a trade mark is already registered in your country or worldwide.

If you want to register your trade mark in the European Union, you can find more information about the registration process at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

To check whether your idea is already registered as a trade mark within the EU you can check the TMview database.

If you're not sure how to register your brand, I recommend seeking professional advice fom a lawyer specialised in trade mark law.

Logo design examples

logo temporary employment
Logo for a temporary employment agency.
logo inverted
There are varied application possibilities. Using the logo on a different background is also possible.
early drawings
Early scribbles for a logo design idea.
logo application examples
An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications.
logo industrial safety
Logo for a business consultancy for industrial safety. The two hands inside the logo form the letter "S" for "safety".
bw logo
This logo works also in black and white.
logo consultant
ad kommunikation's logo symbolises the "object being exhibited" which arouses the interest of the viewer/visitor. In addition, the removed dots depict a small "a" and "d" for "ad".
logo businesscard
ad kommunikation is a service provider for everything to do with exhibiting.
logo doctor's practice
B/W logo for doctor's practice.
logo doctor's office
2-coloured version of logo for doctor's office
logo conference
2-coloured logo for a conference of the Stuttgart chapter of Junior Chamber International that has been held in the city of Stuttgart. Stuttgarts most famous landmark is the tower, which you can see in the logo.
logo design for conference
Another application example of the conference logo: here it is integrated into the name of the conference "LAKO 2008".
logo design for it service
This is a logo design which I have designed for an IT Services freelancer. He helps his customers to secure their network. That's why I came up with a logo that symbolises a person in a defending posture.
logo asset management
A logo design for an asset management. Four columns with increasing height are supposed to represent a positive trend of the invested capital.
logo cms
Logo for a content management system: the nested sqares represent the content which is maintained within the system.
photographer logo
Logo for a photographer

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