Terms of business

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Terms of business

  1. The copyright in the web design and graphic design works is owned by Almut M. With your entire payment, you gain the right of use. Unless otherwise agreed, you will get the non-exclusive right of use.

  2. Unpaid activity or submission of design work free-of-charge shall not be admissible.

  3. Payment is due 14 days after the date of the invoice.

  4. Initial orders have to be paid with a deposit of one-third upon order, one- third in the middle of the project and one-third upon delivery.

  5. Expenses for printing and production must be paid completely in advance.

  6. Overdue invoices will accrue an interest surcharge of 8% pro-rata above the respective base rate of The Dutch Bank per annum if they have not been paid 30 days after issue.

  7. In case of project delays for which the client is responsible, Almut M. may bill previous hours worked.

  8. The client shall convey to Almut M. only those masters (photographs, texts, samples etc.) that he has the right to reproduce. On Almut M.'s request, the client must substantiate his right. The client shall release Almut M. from all claims which are based on infringement of this obligation.

  9. Almut M. shall not be liable for admissibility under competition and trademark law, or for the entitlement of her designs and other work to be registered, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. She shall indicate her concerns as to competition and trademark law to the client, as far as these are known to her. The client is obliged to have the admissibility of the designs and other works under competition and trademark law checked independently and thoroughly before making use of the designs and other works in business transactions. There shall be no further liability for the work that the client has authorised to be reproduced.

  10. Almut M. has the right to mark her work for identification of the copyright owner, unless otherwise agreed with the client in the agreement.

  11. The place of jurisdiction for all legal proceedings is Neu-Ulm/Germany.
    The law of Germany shall apply.