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T. Gorenflo

"The collaboration with Mrs. Mueller works like a charm. Our requests are implemented quickly and reliably, and as an amateur in websites, you even get given further information in addition to that concerning your own website, such as on SEO, for example."
Tim Gorenflo, Home for the elderly "St. Laurentius"


What is SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". The most beautiful website is of no use if no one can find it. SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks better in search engine results. Then it can be easier found and visited by more visitors. It is mainly about well-conceived content - attractive for the visitor, the technically correct implementation of the website and linking.

How many drafts will I get?

I usually create two drafts on the basis of your brief. You then select your favorite.
You may have modifications and correction requests. Three correction phases are included in the price, unless otherwise agreed. In my previous projects this has always been sufficient.

What is a brief?

A good brief is the basis of a successful design project. The brief outlines the clients aspirations and visions for the project: How should it look like? What are the clients objectives?
Do not hesitate to tell me about your visions and ideas. The brief ensures that client and designer are pulling in the same direction. It is meant to eliminate misunderstandings. Here you can read more about brief questions.

When is my website ready to be published?

A small website can be finished within 1-2 weeks during slack periods. A larger site might take 4-5 months or more.

I will give you an up-to-date estimate for your project's time schedule in my quote.

Your response times can also impact the duration of the project:
For example, how fast do you react to drafts or how quickly do you have your content ready.
It is also important, whether your hosting brings the right technical prerequisites for your website installation at the beginning of the project.

When can you start with my project?

Since I have many loyal customers, it may be that a new client project has to wait a week or two before I can get started. Please ask for my current capacity.

The earlier you contact me, the better the chance that I will still have free capacity for your required period.

What is a CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) makes it easy for technically inexperienced website editors to update texts and images of a website, since the layout (design) is stored separately from the content and the actual web page is dynamically generated when called by the browser.

In addition, a CMS usually already contains various functionalities, which would otherwise have to be programmed separately, such as forms, user administration, calendars, sliders, etc.

How easy is it to manage a Contao homepage?

In Contao, the view in the backend can be customized according to the user, in such a way that an editor, for example, who wants to change a text or create a news post, can only see the appropriate sections of the website back end. That way the back end remains quite clear and easy to navigate.
Anyone who has worked with a word processor will get along with it.

Do you also create logos / flyers / brochures?

Yes, I also create logos, flyers and brochures. See my references here.

What about VAT?

Since my company is resident in Germany, the German VAT rate of currently 19% applies.

For customers in the EU, I charge 0% VAT on presentation of a valid VAT-ID.

For customers outside the EU, 0% VAT applies.

How do I commission you?

Just confirm my offer, or the cost estimate by e-mail or post.
New clients are also required to pay an initial deposit payment. Upon receipt of the deposit, the order is deemed to be confirmed.