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"The collaboration with Mrs. Mueller works like a charm. Our requests are implemented quickly and reliably, and as an amateur in websites, you even get given further information in addition to that concerning your own website, such as on SEO, for example."
Tim Gorenflo, Home for the elderly "St. Laurentius"

Logo design

See some of my logo designs which I have created for my customers.

A logo design should be usable in a wide variety of mediums and applications. That's why I start to design with hand-drawn simple scribbles.

The next step is to make the idea work in black and white. You should be able to use your logo as a stamp as well as on a promotional pen for example.

Finally I will consider the colour scheme which best represents the emotions that your brand intends to elicit.

Logo design examples

logo temporary employment
Logo for a temporary employment agency.
logo inverted
There are varied application possibilities. Using the logo on a different background is also possible.
early drawings
Early scribbles for a logo design idea.
logo application examples
An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications.
logo industrial safety
Logo for a business consultancy for industrial safety. The two hands inside the logo form the letter "S" for "safety".
bw logo
This logo works also in black and white.
logo consultant
ad kommunikation's logo symbolises the "object being exhibited" which arouses the interest of the viewer/visitor. In addition, the removed dots depict a small "a" and "d" for "ad".
logo businesscard
ad kommunikation is a service provider for everything to do with exhibiting.
logo doctor's practice
B/W logo for doctor's practice.
logo doctor's office
2-coloured version of logo for doctor's office
logo conference
2-coloured logo for a conference of the Stuttgart chapter of Junior Chamber International that has been held in the city of Stuttgart. Stuttgarts most famous landmark is the tower, which you can see in the logo.
logo design for conference
Another application example of the conference logo: here it is integrated into the name of the conference "LAKO 2008".
logo association
Logo ideas for a student association.
logo design for it service
This is a logo design which I have designed for an IT Services freelancer. He helps his customers to secure their network. That's why I came up with a logo that symbolises a person in a defending posture.
logo investment
A logo design for an investment company. Four columns with increasing height are supposed to represent a positive trend of the invested capital.
logo cms
Logo for a content management system: the nested sqares represent the content which is maintained within the system.

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